Monday, July 28, 2008

From the Runways to the Streets

I know I maybe early on this one (not in the fashion world..but in real life), but I had a photo shoot in NY on Sunday for a magazine submission for the Big September fall issue (late I know). The looks were all inspired by German Expressionism painters, like Munch, Schiele, and Dix. I decided to go with a completely black, glossy lip (done with black eyeliner and clear gloss). Now you maybe wondering, who on earth would wear black lipstick (I've seen it done....don't act like you didn't wear black lipliner in the 90s)?? Well fortunately for you, Giorgio Armani has made it easy with his new Caffe Collection. The collection consist of 5 luxuriously, rich, and creamy lipsticks. Shade 62 is a great wearable interpretation of the black lip trend. Be sure to pair it with the accompanying liner to get a perfectly defined lip that is necessary when wearing such rich shades. It is a beautiful, rich brown that just screams fall and winter. The packaging is extremely chic and sophisticated. I am definitely gifting this to myself!!! I can't wait!!! Fall is among us!!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

To Powder or Not to Powder??

I only powder my face once a day. That's it!! After I apply my concealer, I apply powder on top to set it. That's it!! I don't apply it all over my face nor do I apply it on my nose. I don't like the matte look. Semi-matte. Sometimes. Matte....Never. When will women realize that matte skin does not look healthy nor does it look real.

I think many women hate having oily skin, so they powder themselves constantly throughout the day. They don't realize that powder DOES NOT control oil. I repeat..POWDER DOES NOT CONTROL OIL PRODUCTION!! There is no product out on the market that truly prevents sebum production. Now, there are products that TEMPORARILY do so like oil-control lotions, but it is 2 hours temporary. Please ladies, let go of the constant reapplication of blot powder, loose powder, and studio fix and invest in oil absorbing sheets. please.....

Most celebrities that we see on TV and in magazines have been retouched and are being maintained by their makeup artist. Oil production is a natural function of your skin.

One more thing....if you have skin that isn't flawless (who does...but you know what I mean), don't look for a powder to do the job. That's like asking someone who is a size 12 to fit into a 2. It ain't gonna happen. There are claims of products giving full coverage, but do you really want full coverage from a powder?? Really?? Just imagine what that would look like....

I don't even like to use powder highlighters, unless it is just 200 degrees outside and the person's skin is like an oil slick.

This isn't to give powder a bad rep, but to those who really just sit and apply it all over ....stop it!!

To powder or not to powder....? NOT!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend at the Beach

I just got back from a wedding this weekend at Virginia Beach. It was a lovely event. Is it me or do people not dress up for weddings anymore? They used to be such glamorous event, even for those in attendance. The wedding day is not only for the bride. It's a day that you can look your best too!! I just wanted to let you gals know what I wore ( I got sooo many compliments on my look):


Side- parted chignon (photo courtesy of
FYI: I have natural hair so to help with the frizzy edges, I apply Aveda Humectant, and tied hair up for about 10mins in satin scarf to smooth.

Make up:

Concealer only!! Too hot for alot of foundation

Queen collection Mineral Bronzer (review on that later this week)

Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Blush (from palette)

MAC Tinted Lipbalm spf 15 in Fuschia Fix

Dior Show Mascara

Chocolate Shimmer Eye Shadow (Bobbi Brown)

Espresso Gel Liner (Bobbi Brown)


Kelly Green Shift Dress(Banana Republic)
BCBG Girls Platform Slingbacks (sorry couldn't find a pic).

I got up and went to the beach this morning. Now, I am already a chocolatey girl, but I laid out in the sun(i even got a tan....I look so Chic and Coco, made sandcastles, and played in the water with my younger cousins. It was such a nice get away!! I haven't been to the beach in years....was great to be a kid again!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keeping Cool and Pretty in 100 degree weather


But to stay cool during these unbearably hot times, I decided to pick up some items from Douglas yesterday while out on a mini shopping trip. Here are my recommendations for keeping cool, but cute during such humid times,

1.Instead of trying to rock a face that you have taken 30 minutes to beat on the floor (for it to only melt onto the floor once you step outside), try playing up your nails. I love Essie Neon Collection. 4 mini cute neon nail colors (magenta, lemon yellow, orange, and hot pink). These can hold up under all kinds of conditions, including sweaty feet. Got these yesterday, and I am rocking Short Shorts(the bright pink) with matching lips.

2.Evian Facial Spray Traveling Companions. I picked these little cuties up yesterday to cool me down. You get 3-1.70z (about 50ml) bottles. They fit perfectly in the purse or the makeup bag. Nice to cool you down without ruining your makeup. This will give you a fresh-faced look, while improving your skin's hydration level. Even the BF loves these. We were spraying each other for the remainder of the day. Keep them in the fridge to get a cool burst of h20.

3.Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream. I love this stuff. This is perfect for the oily gal and the gal with dry skin. really!! It contains chamomile, which helps to soothe the skin. Not to mention that it contains menthol, which gives a nice cooling sensation. I like to cleanse my face with this following my workout. Oh yea, did I mention that this product is 97.00% natural??

Bobbi News

For all of you Bobbi Brown lovers located here in DC, you will now have another place to purchase her products: Blue Mercury of Georgetown.

Starting in August, The whole Bobbi Brown line will be available there!!! YAY!!! I love Blue Mercury!! This store houses my favorite brands, and now they are just really out doing themselves...can't wait!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Video Find

HI Ladies....

TGIF!!!! I am excited about the weekend!! Why? I am meeting with a fellow MUA, Tamara Delbridge (she's been in way longer than me...and has given great advice). I can't wait!!!

I was looking in the sephora video archives and I found this smokey eye tutorial. It has been a long time since I have spoken about the infamous and always in demand smokey is the video:

Sephora Smokey Eye Tutorial

While you are there, poke around in the archives....

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lipgloss Therapy

As we know, I have been hitting the gym something serious. I am really trying to make better food choices and have a regular workout routine. Tuesday afternoon, I decided to take a yoga class. I had already finished my cardio and strength training exercises for the day and still had a little energy, so I was like what the heck. This was an intense 2 hour yoga class with a Ukraine lady, whose english was, well....ya know (it actually made me laugh a couple of times at how she put her sentences cute.). The class was difficult. The stretching, the bending, the poses.....OMG!! Well, the next day my back was sore!!! So before I went to my "Body attack" class the following evening (yesterday), I stopped into the CVS nearby to check out Revlon's new ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze (tried it...hate it). It is supposed to last up to 8 hours. I decided to test it against an hour of "body attack" class....I was disappointed that it failed miserably. Not to mention the smell was horrible and I hate sponge tip applicators. But all was not lost, because I also picked up Revlon's Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss in Berry (a deeper neutral pink).....I lOVE IT. The color is beautiful, the consistency is creamy, and the smell is so yummy. It deposits just the right amount of shine and color. No icky sponge tip comes in a tube. I woke up this morning excited to put it on. I love the way my lips feel.

Go out and try these!!! They come in 7 creamy shades, so there has to be a color for you.

Vintage MAC Giveaway

Here is the moment that you have all been waiting for....So the winner of this contest will receive:

1. Parrot Eyeshadow (Frost)- Turquoise with Gold Shimmer

2. Idol Eye Eyeshadow (lustre)- Grey with Silver Flecks of Shimmer

3. Melton Mauve (Veluxe)- Matte Fuschia

4. Family Silver Mineralize Eyeshadow- Duo of Grey and Peal Marble Shadow with Gold Veining (From Holiday 2007)

5. Sea Me Shade Stick- Turquoise with fine shimmer particles (can be used as a base for parrot or worn alone)

6. Spring Bean Lustreglass- Bright Green lipgloss with flecks of gold shimmer (it goes on clear)

This is $90.00 worth of product!!!
There will only be ONE lucky gal who wins this, so I expect some good answers.

Okay, so here is the deal.....I want to see your makeup. Send me a picture with you in your everyday makeup. I want a description of what you are wearing and a close up. If you don't wear much makeup that's fine, I just want to see how well you execute your looks.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Bobbi News

Bobbi Brown reformulated her Shimmer lipsticks.....They have even been renamed to Metallic Lipcolor...

I have the Pretty Pink shade, which I like. It is a natural pink shade on me.

The formulation is creamier with more of a gold shimmer than the older frostier version. I am not sure if I like all of the shimmer. I love the consistency though. I think I like to get my shimmer from a gloss rather than from a lipstick.

The Metallic lipsticks should launch some time in October....

Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation

This has been a favorite of mine for a really long time!!!! The consistency is soooo light and smooth. It is a water based foundation that us professionals use when we want skin to look like skin, but also when we need something that is water-resistant. It dawned on me to write about this when I went to the Sephora in Philly/King of Prussia to pick some up(restock)....**I was just taking a day trip to get outta DC for a minute**

All you do is shake the bottle to mix, and apply with a brush (I prefer to use a kabuki like brush to buff the product in). It feels like there is nothing there, but it evens the skin out beautifully!! For those who need a little more coverage, just do an extra layer or apply a dap of concealer on areas where you need it and....there you have it, beautiful flawless skin!!!

Given the name of the product, it is safe to assume that you can use this on uneven areas of the body. You can also use it to give a faux tan (using a shade or two darker than your normal foundation shade), just remember to let it set for about 2 minutes...then LIGHTLY powder.

It comes in 21 delectable shades, so yes, there is a shade for you.

Picture taken from :

Friday, July 4, 2008

And The Winners Are..............

Okay, I know I said July 3rd, but July 4th is better right? I mean you get to find out if you won free products on your day off.

Okay so Congratulations to 1st place winner, Michele G and 2nd place winner, Bunmight.

Here is the 1st place entry:

Amel Larrieux inspires me because she uses simple, natural products for her beauty. I love the way she plays up her eyes with kohl and await the day I can just wear a little concealer on a daily basis as she does. Her style seems very free and organic. I am in awe of those that can accent their beauty with simple components yet still look polished.

She also emphasizes good health and wellness as a key to external beauty and I have been trying to stay focused on nutrition and upping my water intake.

I also love that she does what she wants to with her hair. I remember an article in which she stated that she doesn't let stylists manipulate it. It's refreshing to find an artist that stays away from conformity.

Here is the 2nd Place entry:

I'll have to say Tyra Banks

why? her eyes are always gorgeous!

I would like to thank everyone for participating. Log on next week for my Vintage MAC Giveaway!!!