Friday, July 4, 2008

And The Winners Are..............

Okay, I know I said July 3rd, but July 4th is better right? I mean you get to find out if you won free products on your day off.

Okay so Congratulations to 1st place winner, Michele G and 2nd place winner, Bunmight.

Here is the 1st place entry:

Amel Larrieux inspires me because she uses simple, natural products for her beauty. I love the way she plays up her eyes with kohl and await the day I can just wear a little concealer on a daily basis as she does. Her style seems very free and organic. I am in awe of those that can accent their beauty with simple components yet still look polished.

She also emphasizes good health and wellness as a key to external beauty and I have been trying to stay focused on nutrition and upping my water intake.

I also love that she does what she wants to with her hair. I remember an article in which she stated that she doesn't let stylists manipulate it. It's refreshing to find an artist that stays away from conformity.

Here is the 2nd Place entry:

I'll have to say Tyra Banks

why? her eyes are always gorgeous!

I would like to thank everyone for participating. Log on next week for my Vintage MAC Giveaway!!!

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