Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling the Winter Blahs

I am sooo friggin' tired as of late. I have been going to bed every night at around 9pm. I do believe in the "early to bed, early to rise" saying, but it isn't helping. Sure I get up at 6am, but by 2pm I am ready to crash. I need a pick me up, like a visit to a salon to get a conditioning treatment and scalp massage, while getting a pedi/mani (I can't tell you how long those dogs have been Time to have a self-maintenance night, that usually boost my energy. Yesterday, I met up with friends to go see the new Carol's Daughter freestanding store in Wheaton Mall and was yelled at by my friend, because of the neglect for my hair. So I think it is time for a long "self-maintenance night". This is where I give myself a pedicure while sitting under my borrowed hairdryer conditioning my parched tresses. I have been wearing my hair back in a bun this whole week (maybe 2 weeks). I saw a avocado and banana recipe for a hair conditioner online, so I think I may try this.

All Hail The Queen!!!

Queen Latifah's new collection of makeup with covergirl is absolutely and surprisingly fabulous!! Yesterday, after a visit to Wheaton Mall to see the new Carol's Daughter store, I made my way to Target. I had been curious about the line so decided to try the Queen Collection Liquid Makeup in Sheer Espresso. Not only was the match perfect (no ugly red undertones like some brands), but it felt like water on my skin. It didn't dry down to an overly matte finish like some foundations intended for women of color. It actually gives a semi-matte finish, but without the matte feel. It really does give continuous hydration. If you need a little extra coverage, just apply one layer (wait for it to dry) and then another. It offers a decent range of coverage (a little goes a long way). This is perfect for the summer and winter months. During the winter, just be sure to moisturize your skin before application. During the summer this really could replace your tinted moisturizer. I would suggest just applying a light gel moisturizer and then apply this. At a price of $6.49, it is worth a try. It comes in 12 shades, so there is a match for everyone!! It is available at just about any drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Target). For those of you in DC, I love the new CVS right by the U-Street Metro.

Also, another great foundation find is the Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Spf 15. This product feels like butta' on the skin. The way it glides and smoothes the skin's surface is astonishing!! Perfect for those looking for coverage, hydration, and something to smooth out the little tell-tell signs of aging. It leaves the skin looking flawless and radiant ( I sound like I'm reading off the I tried it this weekend in Chestnut (a deep caramel color), and I was hooked!! This "satin smoothing fluid" (to call it a foundation is an insult) is good for skin that is suffering from a case of the winter blahs. There is a slight drawback for those of us with deeper complexions (very minor if you know how to blend and mix), there isn't a shade past Beyonce. However, I still LOVE the "satin smoothing fluid." How did I ever live without you?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just wanted to give a big 25th B-DAY shout out to a great friend.

HOLD your glasses up:

Here's to MONET!!!
The friend that you can call at 3am and cry when your hurt. The girl that has the biggest heart in the world!!!

I wish you much success and happiness in life, girl!!! You deserve it!!!


Not Another One!!!

I am a firm believer in there is no such thing as "Bad hair" or "Bad Skin" but ladies after this weekend I think I may have to take the latter back. I had a photoshoot for a magazine Monday, and when I saw this model's skin I really wondered if she had just managed to sneak in. I don't know how she could possibly be signed to an agency with skin like that. There was acne, acne, hyperpigmentation, and more acne. It was everywhere (really everywhere...I even saw it behind her ears)!!! I have gotten into the habit of airbrushing, and I don't like to pack foundation on. So of course, I just covered up the acne and evened out her skin. I'm no dermatologist, but my skin is even and free of breakouts. Here is some advice for those of you looking for a good skincare regimen:

1. Drink Water and eat healthier. We are what we eat.

2. Get good skincare products. It doesn't have to be Uber-expensive. Just something that will hydrate and cleanse (without stripping) your skin. I'm not a fan of the acne systems because they tend to be drying, but hey if it works. Just be sure to moisturize. I would also recommend trying just plain ole' Aloe fresh from the stem.

3. See a Dermatologist. If you have purchased every cleanser and acne system out there, go see a board certified dermatologist. They can prescribe medication that will help.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spring Beauty Trends...The Rundown

For the spring, fresh, flawless, beautiful skin is in!! I am so excited about the new collections coming out!! Natural beauty is back in a big way!!! It's all about choosing colors that are naturally present in the skin to give it a natural enhancement. The summer normally brings on the heat and dewiness, but this year the skin will be more of a semi-matte (think less oil-glands in overdrive and more of clean, fresh and slightly powdered).

I've also seen alot of bright eyeshaow like lilac, blue-green, yellow, even orange. The key to mastering this look is to keep it soft and simple. This brings back the days of just being girl. Pick one color and stick to it...liner is optional. But please try to keep the liner on the upper lid!! Must have shadow is Rimmel London's Colour Rush Trio Eyeshadow in Fever (a brillant trio of lilac colored shadows). For those of you looking for more color try MaxFactor EyeTrio in African Violet (highly pigmented shades of baby blue, yellow, and violet).

Matte Pink lips- Say good-bye to the days of glossy hot pink lips (thank God!! some people were just abusing this). Matte lips are making a comeback. If you already own a hotpink lipstick that has a slight shine to it, just add a little translucent powder to matte the color.

Glossy Coral lips- Instead of doing a full on coral lip, glossy coral lips give you the intense coral color without being too serious. This is a color that looks good on everyone. If you can't find the perfect shade, layer a bright orange gloss over a sheer coat of your favorite redlipstick. Try Dior Addict 347 Orange Raphia

Rosy Cheeks- Bobbi Brown's New Pink Raspbery collection has a color that work for everyone. Pink brings a pop of youthfulness to the face that we can all use from time to time.

Liner- Liner has made a huge comeback for spring. It gives our eyes that definition
we need for night. Pair it with a matte pink lip.

Gold shadow- Gold is always in during this time of year. It helps to give skin that exotic sunkissed look. Dab it on in the inner corner of the eye

Full,Groomed Brows- A Fuller Brows can reverse the clock by a couple of years. This trend has been on the comeback for atleast a year. But notice, the key word her is groomed.

All Photos taken from

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Friends....How Many of Us Have Them??

One of my favorite activities, besides trying new beauty products, is to hang out with my girls. This year I brought the new year in with the girls, and it had me realizing that we don't meet up enough. So much has happened with us that the dynamics of our relationships have changed(boyfriends,graduation, roommates). I remember 5 years ago (yeah, yeah....i'm a super senior what!?!?), we all moved into Crandall eager to make new friends. We found it in each other and started to consider each other family, disclosing our deepest, darkest secrets to each other. Fast forward 5 years, and half of us don't even speak to each other. I never would have thought that the person I used consider my sister(way deeper than that sorority girl BS) would walk by me like I was a stranger and that I would do the same to her. I often hear women say that they get along better with men than women. I wonder why? So many women will forgive and remain loyal to a man that has done the unthinkable (physical abuse, mental abuse, you name it) but will always hold a grudge against the person that was on the other end of the telephone sharing tears with them at 3am. I am sick of women being in competition with each other (over trivial things..), and not wanting to help each other out. My friend once had to end a relationship with a friend that let her boyfriend take priority over their friendship. Women do this all the time. We get married, engaged, or just date a new guy and our dear old friends fall by the wayside until the guy does something wrong. The funny thing is is that a good friend will always be there to hear you cry or take you out for a drink when the guy has dropped you like a bad habit. You may think that you don't need women as friends, but it's times like those that make you wish that you (and me) had real friends-not the friends that you call only when you want to hang out and get a drink.

I admire the relationships of the women of Sex and the City, but I want to cultivate relationships like that of my own. Once after reading Sula (Toni Morrison), I felt like i had this great understanding of the necessity of female companionship. After the recent string of meetups with friends, I feel that even more. This is to say that I value all the friends that I have and I want to thank you all for being there for me when I need a pick me up(even those of you who have forgiven my bizarre behavior). The friends that come check on you when you're sick, call on birthdays (just remembering is good enough for me), call just to say "hello" (not when they need something), will encourage you to be the best you,and most importantly forgive you when you were just dead wrong.

Getting Out of a Bad Relationship

Just recently, I broke up with the love of my life. The love affair had been going on since I was in 14. Saying goodbye has been the hardest thing that I have ever done, especially when there is a common work enviroment. Glancing across the hall and not being tempted to see what's new or to try on the gloss that you wore on your first date with your boyfriend is hard!!! Bad habits really do die hard. I am trying to stay positive and just move forward without any negative thoughts of the past.

I remember our initial chance encounter like it was yesterday. I walked up and everything about it seemed so enthralling!!! I received so many promises of beauty, glamour, and success only to walk away scorned.

At times, I feel that I may have made the wrong decision. Maybe I was just too impatient? But after speaking with people much wiser than myself, I have come to realize that in order to move forward I need to just let some relationships die. I will always have love in my heart for it, but never will it take my breath away with its bright colors and cute packaging. I am moving on a line that will nourish my skin, and bring out my innter beauty. I am proud to say that I have been "clean" for 12 days and counting!!!!