Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Another One!!!

I am a firm believer in there is no such thing as "Bad hair" or "Bad Skin" but ladies after this weekend I think I may have to take the latter back. I had a photoshoot for a magazine Monday, and when I saw this model's skin I really wondered if she had just managed to sneak in. I don't know how she could possibly be signed to an agency with skin like that. There was acne, acne, hyperpigmentation, and more acne. It was everywhere (really everywhere...I even saw it behind her ears)!!! I have gotten into the habit of airbrushing, and I don't like to pack foundation on. So of course, I just covered up the acne and evened out her skin. I'm no dermatologist, but my skin is even and free of breakouts. Here is some advice for those of you looking for a good skincare regimen:

1. Drink Water and eat healthier. We are what we eat.

2. Get good skincare products. It doesn't have to be Uber-expensive. Just something that will hydrate and cleanse (without stripping) your skin. I'm not a fan of the acne systems because they tend to be drying, but hey if it works. Just be sure to moisturize. I would also recommend trying just plain ole' Aloe fresh from the stem.

3. See a Dermatologist. If you have purchased every cleanser and acne system out there, go see a board certified dermatologist. They can prescribe medication that will help.

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