Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All Hail The Queen!!!

Queen Latifah's new collection of makeup with covergirl is absolutely and surprisingly fabulous!! Yesterday, after a visit to Wheaton Mall to see the new Carol's Daughter store, I made my way to Target. I had been curious about the line so decided to try the Queen Collection Liquid Makeup in Sheer Espresso. Not only was the match perfect (no ugly red undertones like some brands), but it felt like water on my skin. It didn't dry down to an overly matte finish like some foundations intended for women of color. It actually gives a semi-matte finish, but without the matte feel. It really does give continuous hydration. If you need a little extra coverage, just apply one layer (wait for it to dry) and then another. It offers a decent range of coverage (a little goes a long way). This is perfect for the summer and winter months. During the winter, just be sure to moisturize your skin before application. During the summer this really could replace your tinted moisturizer. I would suggest just applying a light gel moisturizer and then apply this. At a price of $6.49, it is worth a try. It comes in 12 shades, so there is a match for everyone!! It is available at just about any drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Target). For those of you in DC, I love the new CVS right by the U-Street Metro.

Also, another great foundation find is the Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Spf 15. This product feels like butta' on the skin. The way it glides and smoothes the skin's surface is astonishing!! Perfect for those looking for coverage, hydration, and something to smooth out the little tell-tell signs of aging. It leaves the skin looking flawless and radiant ( I sound like I'm reading off the I tried it this weekend in Chestnut (a deep caramel color), and I was hooked!! This "satin smoothing fluid" (to call it a foundation is an insult) is good for skin that is suffering from a case of the winter blahs. There is a slight drawback for those of us with deeper complexions (very minor if you know how to blend and mix), there isn't a shade past Beyonce. However, I still LOVE the "satin smoothing fluid." How did I ever live without you?

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