Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling the Winter Blahs

I am sooo friggin' tired as of late. I have been going to bed every night at around 9pm. I do believe in the "early to bed, early to rise" saying, but it isn't helping. Sure I get up at 6am, but by 2pm I am ready to crash. I need a pick me up, like a visit to a salon to get a conditioning treatment and scalp massage, while getting a pedi/mani (I can't tell you how long those dogs have been Time to have a self-maintenance night, that usually boost my energy. Yesterday, I met up with friends to go see the new Carol's Daughter freestanding store in Wheaton Mall and was yelled at by my friend, because of the neglect for my hair. So I think it is time for a long "self-maintenance night". This is where I give myself a pedicure while sitting under my borrowed hairdryer conditioning my parched tresses. I have been wearing my hair back in a bun this whole week (maybe 2 weeks). I saw a avocado and banana recipe for a hair conditioner online, so I think I may try this.

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