Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gifts for the Makeup Girl in Your Life

Have a friend with a birthday coming up, but not sure what to get them? Don't even think about gettting a thoughtless gift card..... Well, if your girl or girlfriend is a makeup girl or product junkie (like myself) why not make them a goodie bag. Here's my idea of the perfect gift (hint,

1. A makeup bag.
I love a cute little bag that I can use to store my products in. Something that will fit in my purse with different little compartments that separates the glosses from the eyeshadow and a few spaces for my brushes. Don't give it to us empty!! Splurge on the bag and get little drugstore eyeshadows and lipgloss. Sephora has metallic faux leather bags that can double as a clutch (and they come in a wide range of colors).

2. A Mini Brush Set
The idea of having a set of brushes for travel, one to keep in the purse, or in the drawer at work is genius!! Being able to take out your little brushes to touch up is so convenient. I love the new little Pink Rapsberry Brush Set that Bobbi has come out with. It comes with a blush (or powder) brush, eyeliner (my favorite), eyeshadow, and lip brush. The size of the set can literally fit in your pocket and the hot pink lining is perfect for the girlie girl.

3. Palette Systems
A great way to get everything to fit inside that cute little bag you just purchased, is to get palettes. The come with up to 6 shadows or lipsticks in most cases. Some even come with a full face inside-blush, lipstick, eyeshadow (which can double as liner). Chanel has the cutest little eyeshadow palette for spring (all the shadows are shaped like Camelias). Any girl would adore this!!!

4. Trial Size Goodies
Take a stroll down the trial size aisle in any drugstore and you have found a goldmine (even in some bed, bath, and beyond)!!! There are trial sizes of everything from skincare items to toothpaste!!! You can even visit your local beauty counter for samples of products. Great makeup bag stuffer!!!

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