Monday, February 11, 2008

Matte is Back!

I love myself some dewy skin!!! The way it can rewind the years on even the most dull and tired complexion is just amazing! I cannot understand for the life of me why the "beauty gods" have decided to go with semi-matte skin for Spring '08. I know in the dead heat of summer the last thing we want is to have a combination of dewiness and sweat, but dewy skin looks healthy!!! Anywho, with that being said I am pleased to announce two new products. Chanel has just launched its new Mat Lumiere Foundation. Ladies, I LOVE it!! It gives excellent coverage and glides on effortlessly. It comes in 11 lovely shades.Quite different from the traditional cream to powder formulations, which can leave your skin looking a hot cakey mess. This is Perfect for the oily girls (just in time for summer and spring break for some of you), especially during the face melting days of the DC humidity and 90 Degree temperature. With this foundation you can tell the summer to "bring on the heat!"

Also, this is still in the works, but I got to get a peep at a new Bobbi Brown Liquid Matte foundation that is still in the testing phase. I actually got the color matched on me. It was perfect!!! It had a beautiful golden undertone, which is lacking in some of the deeper shade selections. I love Bobbi's products but for some reason (seems to be the case with alot of lines...) the deeper shades tend to have more cinnamon undertones than the promised golden. I'm looking for the product to be out next year.

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