Friday, February 22, 2008

Mona's Favorite Glosses

I thought I'd just let you gals (and guys..)in my top 6 (random number right?) Favorite Lipgloss for Spring 2008.

6. Estee Lauder Pure Gloss in Candy. These glosses are really pigmented. This hot pink is perfect for spring and summer. It isn't overly glossly. They also smell lovely.

5. Prescriptives TintBalm in Smoothie. This is a nice sheer baby pink gloss. I love the packaging and adore the color. If you want to try out pink this is great.

4. L'Oreal HIP Gloss in Romantic. Red is always the trend. Good red to pair with other colors. This isn't a brilliant intense red, but good for those who don't want a full on red. This is a red that can be worn to work or class.

3. Clarins Color Quench Lipbalm in Orange Slice and Poppy. I just recently discovered these shades and I LOVE them!!! I like to mix them to get that perfect glossy coral pout for Spring. The Poppy is a nice red and orange slice is a beautiful orange.It gives a nice cushion for the lips as well.

2. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nectarine. This is a soft peachy shade. I love to wear this when I want shine and a nice neutral shade. Perfect for those days when you really want to look natural.

1. Shiseido Lipgloss in Mango Passion and Red Coral.
My absolute favorite!! This is the perfect shade for women of all complexions. The moment I tried these two on I knew I would be rockin' this look all summer. These colors add that extra bit of summer into any look. These can even be worn at work, class, wherever.

***Please don't overdo the glossy lip. Make sure to exfoliate lips first. Glossy looks better on smooth lips!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night Beauty

It's a Friday night, and I am home watching Kimore Lee Simons:Life in the Fab Lane show (did I ever tell you how much she annoys me??), browsing the internet for beauty finds, and trying to find something to get into. So...of course with me being the beauty crack head ( I mean that in the best possible way) that I am, I go onto Sephora's site and what do I find??? More videos!!! Yay!!! Enjoy:

Videos for Spring '08 Beauty Trends

I love these videos!! You actually get to see the makeup artist Sylvia at work. The clips are really short but there are 21 of them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heeeere's .......Bobbi !!!

Hey Gals!!!

I was just browsing the Bobbi website looking for anything that I haven't already discovered and I found this:

Three Bobbi how-to videos on how to apply concealer, foundation, and the perfect lipstick shade.

Perfect Lipstick Shade

How-To Apply Concealer

Finding Perfect Shade of Foundation

I love Laura Mercier

Browsing online always gets me into trouble. I always see something that I just have to have or try out. My latest obsession is the new limited edition Laura Mercier Nail Lacquers in a rich eggplant and blackened cherry shades. Devine. I haven't worn colored nail polish since the 90's, but these shades make me want to go get a quick little manicure. Will Spring hurry up...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Matte is Back!

I love myself some dewy skin!!! The way it can rewind the years on even the most dull and tired complexion is just amazing! I cannot understand for the life of me why the "beauty gods" have decided to go with semi-matte skin for Spring '08. I know in the dead heat of summer the last thing we want is to have a combination of dewiness and sweat, but dewy skin looks healthy!!! Anywho, with that being said I am pleased to announce two new products. Chanel has just launched its new Mat Lumiere Foundation. Ladies, I LOVE it!! It gives excellent coverage and glides on effortlessly. It comes in 11 lovely shades.Quite different from the traditional cream to powder formulations, which can leave your skin looking a hot cakey mess. This is Perfect for the oily girls (just in time for summer and spring break for some of you), especially during the face melting days of the DC humidity and 90 Degree temperature. With this foundation you can tell the summer to "bring on the heat!"

Also, this is still in the works, but I got to get a peep at a new Bobbi Brown Liquid Matte foundation that is still in the testing phase. I actually got the color matched on me. It was perfect!!! It had a beautiful golden undertone, which is lacking in some of the deeper shade selections. I love Bobbi's products but for some reason (seems to be the case with alot of lines...) the deeper shades tend to have more cinnamon undertones than the promised golden. I'm looking for the product to be out next year.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gifts for the Makeup Girl in Your Life

Have a friend with a birthday coming up, but not sure what to get them? Don't even think about gettting a thoughtless gift card..... Well, if your girl or girlfriend is a makeup girl or product junkie (like myself) why not make them a goodie bag. Here's my idea of the perfect gift (hint,

1. A makeup bag.
I love a cute little bag that I can use to store my products in. Something that will fit in my purse with different little compartments that separates the glosses from the eyeshadow and a few spaces for my brushes. Don't give it to us empty!! Splurge on the bag and get little drugstore eyeshadows and lipgloss. Sephora has metallic faux leather bags that can double as a clutch (and they come in a wide range of colors).

2. A Mini Brush Set
The idea of having a set of brushes for travel, one to keep in the purse, or in the drawer at work is genius!! Being able to take out your little brushes to touch up is so convenient. I love the new little Pink Rapsberry Brush Set that Bobbi has come out with. It comes with a blush (or powder) brush, eyeliner (my favorite), eyeshadow, and lip brush. The size of the set can literally fit in your pocket and the hot pink lining is perfect for the girlie girl.

3. Palette Systems
A great way to get everything to fit inside that cute little bag you just purchased, is to get palettes. The come with up to 6 shadows or lipsticks in most cases. Some even come with a full face inside-blush, lipstick, eyeshadow (which can double as liner). Chanel has the cutest little eyeshadow palette for spring (all the shadows are shaped like Camelias). Any girl would adore this!!!

4. Trial Size Goodies
Take a stroll down the trial size aisle in any drugstore and you have found a goldmine (even in some bed, bath, and beyond)!!! There are trial sizes of everything from skincare items to toothpaste!!! You can even visit your local beauty counter for samples of products. Great makeup bag stuffer!!!