Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Friends....How Many of Us Have Them??

One of my favorite activities, besides trying new beauty products, is to hang out with my girls. This year I brought the new year in with the girls, and it had me realizing that we don't meet up enough. So much has happened with us that the dynamics of our relationships have changed(boyfriends,graduation, roommates). I remember 5 years ago (yeah, yeah....i'm a super senior what!?!?), we all moved into Crandall eager to make new friends. We found it in each other and started to consider each other family, disclosing our deepest, darkest secrets to each other. Fast forward 5 years, and half of us don't even speak to each other. I never would have thought that the person I used consider my sister(way deeper than that sorority girl BS) would walk by me like I was a stranger and that I would do the same to her. I often hear women say that they get along better with men than women. I wonder why? So many women will forgive and remain loyal to a man that has done the unthinkable (physical abuse, mental abuse, you name it) but will always hold a grudge against the person that was on the other end of the telephone sharing tears with them at 3am. I am sick of women being in competition with each other (over trivial things..), and not wanting to help each other out. My friend once had to end a relationship with a friend that let her boyfriend take priority over their friendship. Women do this all the time. We get married, engaged, or just date a new guy and our dear old friends fall by the wayside until the guy does something wrong. The funny thing is is that a good friend will always be there to hear you cry or take you out for a drink when the guy has dropped you like a bad habit. You may think that you don't need women as friends, but it's times like those that make you wish that you (and me) had real friends-not the friends that you call only when you want to hang out and get a drink.

I admire the relationships of the women of Sex and the City, but I want to cultivate relationships like that of my own. Once after reading Sula (Toni Morrison), I felt like i had this great understanding of the necessity of female companionship. After the recent string of meetups with friends, I feel that even more. This is to say that I value all the friends that I have and I want to thank you all for being there for me when I need a pick me up(even those of you who have forgiven my bizarre behavior). The friends that come check on you when you're sick, call on birthdays (just remembering is good enough for me), call just to say "hello" (not when they need something), will encourage you to be the best you,and most importantly forgive you when you were just dead wrong.


Anonymous said...

I just moved to a new town. I want to hang out with girlfriends too. What are some ways to find new friends?

Mona the Face Painter said...

Join online groups that have monthly meet ups.

Anonymous said...

what online groups?