Monday, June 23, 2008

Giving Myself Some Credit

My brand new discover card arrived in the mail today....yay!!!!! I am now on my way to further establishing good credit history. I think it's ironic that today, before hitting the gym, I take a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up Kelly Rowland's Ab bible (supposedly she references this before she eats anything tempting and points to this as the source of her fabulous abs), the Abs Diet For Women. I pick up the new Allure, Muscle Fitness for Women, and Harper's Bazaar and make my way upstairs in the direction of the cafe. For some odd reason, I found myself standing in line ordering a double chocolate cupcake. I sat down and devoured the poor thing (almost bitting my finger off in the process). I ate the cupcake so fast that I didn't even remember eating it!!!! I immediately felt guilty (not to mention stagnant), but what cheered me up was reading Collier Strong's comments on perfecting skin for skincare ads (hey, you are going to have to go read the article...not what this post is about). So then, after calling the bf to let him know of my betrayal, he said, "hey somtimes you have to give yourself credit. You had a hard work out." Genius and ironic that the moment after we arrived home from the gym my discover card was in the mailbox waiting for me to unwrap it!!! It's so cute and pink, with my first initial on it!!

***I am in no way promoting the card.

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