Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bobbi Brown Original Packaged Eye Shadow Give Away


It's late and I am going through all of my makeup (an abyss of never ending liners, lipsticks, grease paints, etc). So in order to create space for palettes that I just ordered, I am hosting a contest with 1 Bobbi Brown Originally packaged eyeshadow and 1 Blush Shade (I am throwing in a travel sized mascara as well). The shades are Lilac (a lavender with shimmer) and Desert Rose Blush (a muted pink). Both of these shades are great for any skintone. Don't worry they aren't used!!

So...Here is the question: What celebrity inspires you with their makeup and why ?

The contest will end on July 1st at 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time. All responses must be emailed to me at
If I know you, you are not eligible to participate!!

Winner will be announced on July 3rd.


Leeann said...

Hmmm, the celebrity that inspires me, makeup wise, would have to be Beyonce. She always looks great!

SUE said...

What celebrity inspires you with their makeup and why ? *Kelly Rowland, because her make-up always looks flawless and natural looking. I wish she would start a make-up line and a skincare line. I would definately be her first order!!!*