Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Can't Say It Enough

It is hot and humid here in DC. Yes, the heat wave is coming to a close but it is still too hot for a full face of foundation.

If I see another woman on the street with a butt load of foundation on, I will have to give her a ticket!!!

I know we all don't have perfect, model-like skin but a full face of foundation?!?!? Is it that bad?? I have seen women on the street with foundation literally blended down onto their necks. Why??

It is important to remember that while all these cosmetic lines have such great visuals out for the summer, these ads are done in a studio. Everything from the temperature is controlled. I know we all wanna look cute with layers upon layers of eyeshadow and falsies, but please save yourself the trouble of looking....well, silly with sweat pouring down your face. Save those things for the afternoon when the sun has given us a break. Seeing a women with a full face of foundation and sweaty is the equivalent of a girl walking down the street in some bad ass pumps with a bad ass walk (the my feet hurt walk).

The only thing I have been wearing in this weather is concealer and that is kept to a minimum. I would also encourage everyone to try Origins gel cheek stain(i love the coralberry and raspberry shade) and Tarte cheek Stain (Try Bronze Goddess and Blushing Bride). I love these. They smell delicious and are perfect for summer weather for those whose skin can be a bit oily. Of course, I am doing the mascara (water proof, bronze liner (daytime), and moisturizing lipstick (gloss is cool for night...but walking around with a sweaty face and gloss lips is
We have probably been hearing the tinted moisturizer spill all month, but that helps too. I haven't even been doing tinted moisturizer.

I had to vent.


Anonymous said...

So are you saying that it is ok to wear tinted moisturizer in the summer. I was thinking about purchasing some from bobbi brown but I was worried about sweating it off. Any thoughts?

liznewark said...

what's your complexion? Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington or darker. I've been wanting to try a cheek stain, but didn't' know which colors would suit my complexion. I'm about Gabrielle Union's complexion at the end of summer. lol.