Monday, June 23, 2008

You Made Me Do it

Ok, okay, okay....Since I have been getting so many good responses, I decided to have 2 winners. One winner will win the Lilac Shimmer wash eyeshadow and Desert Rose Blush. The other will win Gold Shimmer wash Eyeshadow and Sand Pink Blush. The first place winner will get the opportunity to chose which duo they would like, and the 2nd runner up receives what's left.

This is a great opportunity for you to try out the shade selection that the line offers. Bobbi will be coming out with new Metallic Eyeshadow colors in the fall with a new formulation, so don't be surprised at the texture of the new ones compared to the old ones.

So the Vintage Bobbi Giveaway will continue until July 1st. Winner will be announced on July 3rd. Remember all responses must be sent to my email ( in order to be considered. If you leave it in the comments area it will NOT be considered.

Make the decision hard!! i want the decision to be so hard that I feel the need to have two first place winners!!! Feel free to send in photos, etc. I am a visual person.

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