Sunday, March 2, 2008

SHocking Pink Lips

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I didn't have any inspiration coming from the world of beauty lately....well not until this past Thursday. I just happened to come upon the best fuschia colored lipstick-gloss duo. Before I tell you the brand, I just want to say how I love Chanel Cosmetics. Not only is this brand responsible for most of the beautiful faces that grace the red carpet at the Oscars, but Chanel always produces some of the best beauty trends on the runway. As much as I love the brand, I wish they would formulate foundation and concealer shades for women with deeper complexions (not everyone has indian in their couldn't resist). We want to be able to enjoy the velvety smoothness of your foundations as well.

Okay so it isn't surprising when I announce that the shade is a product of Chanel. Ladies, I really cannot help myself. I try to stay away from the chanel counter and from their website, but "every time I try to leave something keeps holding me back, me back....telling me I need you in my life" (LOL).
So with the weather starting to break, I felt it was time to go ahead and find my perfect pink/fuschia pout for spring.Now I love drugstore brands like MAC just like the rest of you, but sometimes quality and color just plays a bigger part in my brand selection. I wanted something that didn't have any shimmer (fuschia +shimmer= too much), vibrant like myself, had a moisturizing feel, and had cute packaging. I don't worry about "something that will complement my skin tone" ( i hate when women ask me that), because I can mix in a liner color or lipgloss to alter the color and make it work. First I applied Rouge Hydrabase in Coco Pink(a shocking pink), then applied Glaze Glossimer(a sheer pink) on top. Gorgeous!!!! The color felt sooo light on my lips and lasted for so long that I even forgot that I had anything on.


BlackStar said...

Vonetta showed me the Coco Pink and Glaze Gossimer combo that she's wearing today and the color is absolutely beautiful. You really know your stuff!

Mykeshia said...

So did you really call MAC a drugstore brand? Sorry I know it's not a high price bracket compaired to Chanel (hence why I have decided not to fall in love with that brand haha!) I hope that this did not come off rude it was not meant to be.

That being said MAC has a few colors that you may like Hollywood Nights l/s is a shocking pink (blue based), Snow Orchid l/s is also a wonderful alternative.

NYX also has some pink colors that are very affordable, so in a frenzy of changeing purses it would not hurt you if you lost it.