Thursday, March 6, 2008

White Out

Holla Chicas!!!!

Today was a down day, but was quickly brightened by a chance encounter with a fellow beauty junkie, like myself, eager to learn about great beauty finds and tips (Vonetta, I hope you're reading). She actually gave me a great idea to wear on Saturday (that's the day that I do my creative looks). It is on trend which is a plus, and I know it will look GAW-GUS (Lianne) on me!! Ok so here is the look:

1. Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Glacier (shimmery white with champagne shimmer)
2. Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Yeyo (matte powdery white)
3. Christian Dior BLack Out Mascara

No Liner. The White shadow is enough!!

To balance out the rest of the face just a nude lip (Bobbi Brown Tinted Balm in me a polished, natural lip without the shine), and Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Deep (matte deep reddish brown).

Don't be afraid to try this look!!! It sounds scary, but beauty is about constantly bringing something new and fresh to the table!!! I hope to see lots of gals walking about with White shadow on this weekend!!


teneasha said...

Hey Girl,love the blog. White eyeshadow? Not sure..but I know you can make it work. Can you posts some pictures of the look when you get a chance. Thanks for your insight.

Teneasha (of Virtuous Blue)

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Omeni said...

I've been looking at beauty blogs to get ideas for brands that have darker shades.

Can you recommend some?

I've read so many good things about Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer and it's really hard to tell from the website how dark the darkest shade is.

Does Bobbi Brown go as dark as, say, Angela Bassett's shade?

Please post pictures of the white eyeshadow!

Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Teneasha,

To see the white eyshadow 'look', go and see the actress Zoe Saldana in the "Guess Who" - a remake of "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner". The look is absolutely GORGEOUS and dark skin!