Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Look: Metallic Eyes

With Thanksgiving and a boat load of other holiday parties just around the corner, it is time to gather the looks that you will be wearing!! I didn't even realize how fast the holidays were approaching, until a co-worker informed me last week that Thanksgiving was a week away. So what's hot to wear to family gatherings??? What to wear to the holiday party that your job will be hosting?? Don't worry...I have you covered. Just keep reading.

1. Metallic Eyes.

Metallic eyes are a great way to look festive during the holiday season. By metallic, I mean bronze, silver,gold, sage....basically anything with a hint of bronze, gold or silver shimmer to it. I love Bobbi Brown's new Metallics Collection. The palettes come with 3 metallic shadows that can be worn individually or combined. Be sure to pair these with liner on the top during the day and amp it up with liner in the waterline for night.

2. Smokey Eye

Well, enough said. You can't go wrong with a smokey eye. The type of smokey eye depends on the time of day. You can keep it PG during the day with a lighter color on the lid and just a tad bit of darker shadow in the crease, of course with liner on the top only.Pair with a nude lip and a warming blush or bronzer and you're set!! During the day try Bobbi Brown Best of Chocolate Collection. This palette comes with four eyeshadow shades on the bottom and four lipgloss shades on the top. You can even use the darkest shadow as your liner.

3. Red Lip

The red lip is oh so sexy. It's soooo sexy that it has to be worn alone!! Pair it with a nude eye and just a hint of blush. I think red or any color derivative of red needs some type of lip liner. The liner really helps to give that definition. As long as you find that perfect and appropiate shade of red you should be fine. My favorite lip combo for a red lip is MAC Nightmoth liner, Viva Glam I Lipstick, and the new 3-D lipgloss in Boundless (I love this gloss). Remember that you can always adjust the liner and gloss color to adjust the shade of red. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Bobbi Brown Lipcolor in Wine (name does it justice) paired with Aubergine gloss

MAC lustre lipstick in Dubonnet (red brown) with MAC Auburn Lip Liner (for fair girls) and MAC Currant Lip liner for (for Brown girls)

Lancome Juicy Tube in Cherry

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Anonymous said...

I use this red lip combo as suggested by Mona (MAC Nightmoth liner, Viva Glam I Lipstick, 3-D lipgloss in Boundless) and I LOVE it. I am a darker brown complected woman and thought I couldn't find the perfect red. Mona proved me wrong. :o)