Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Makeup...Such a Touchy Subject!!!!

I know this is the second post within a couple of hours...but I was thinking, after having a discussion with a friend that I haven't spoken with in years about makeup. What is the big deal with women and makeup??? I don't understand it. Makeup is so taboo!! Women pride not wearing makeup like they pride being virginal at age 35. I can understand embracing your natural beauty, but walking around looking like you haven't slept in 15 years is not cute!! Here are some of the reasons I feel women don't:

1. Time

I can completely understand this reason. I admit that I don't wear face products everyday ( I am entitled...I do other's makeup so much). Sometimes I am running late and taking the time to put on concealer, eyeshadow, blush, etc. would just be downright inconsiderate (especially if someone is waiting). But I try to wake up an extra 30 minutes to do something that enhances my beauty. As women we spend time doing so much for others (the men in our lives, the children, the job...) that we neglect ourselves.When will it be ok to invest time into yourself? Spending an extra 30 minutes to add that "extra-ness" to your look is not selfish or vain.

2. Knowledge

I get asked to do beauty forums all the time. The women out there are clueless as to how to apply makeup. I know it can be intimidating standing in the mirror with no clue how to get a nice line with a liner brush. If you don't put in the time, you will never know. It can be discouraging not getting it right the first time. Rome wasn't built in a day. If you need someone to assist you then visit a local beauty counter and get help. I don't know about you, but I hate always being someone else's cheerleader. You know what I mean....There is always that one woman who seems like she has it all. Everything from her perfectly manicured nails, trendy clothes, and beautiful makeup seems to be in place. She even has the confidence to match. When will that be you?

3. Invalidation

Wearing makeup seems to make women appear to be artificial. It almost seems to invalidate their beauty to some. Taking out your sophisticatedly packaged compact to touch up your makeup seems vain. Face it...we are!! All the women in Hollywood would not make special appearances without makeup. It's why we have them as beauty inspirations. I hope no one thinks that they look like that naturally. Their cheeks are enhanced by blush, brows are filled in and shaped to perfection, and their weave is done by the industry's best. Makeup enhances your own natural beauty. Just because you wear foundation doesn't mean that you have bad skin.

4. Poor Representation

I know I have seen women on the street with blush from their cheeks all the way down to the jawline. Women who are applying their makeup incorrectly are representing what we don't want to look like. New York is a prime example. If I didn't know what makeup was and someone pointed to her as an example, I would run to the hills. Don't let their poor application taint your view. This is why we should trust professionals. Some times it isn't a good idea to listen to girlfriends, who are sometimes just as clueless as we are. I have over heard girlfriends telling their friends that they do not need concealer or foundation when clearly this person looks like they can hold $50 worth of groceries under their eyes. Sometimes mascara and lipgloss is not enough!!!

Do we agree with some of the points that were made? Post comments!!
Next week, in an effort to show that makeup does not have to consist of a full face of makeup, I will post a 15 minute face on myself (i hope i can find a digital). Just as a tip:

To save time putting on your makeup, get your products and tools gathered the night before. Put them in a central location so the next morning you aren't wasting time looking all over the place.


Jahji said...

Great tips! I love the violet eyeliner suggestion. I have used green also and received many, many compliments:o) Make-up is not the enemy, just like the right clothes, the right make-up is one of a girl's best friends!

Anonymous said...

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