Monday, December 17, 2007

7 Days and Counting

I am a Georgian born-Floridian raised gal. I claim Florida as my stomping ground because that is where I grew up. In 7 days, I will be returning and I CAN'T wait!! I love DC (in the summertime), but this cold weather is not my skin's friend. I love playing around with new skincare products, but I love having the security in knowing that my old faithful Bobbi Brown products will work just fine. From the last post, you can see that I had to upgrade my moisturizer (which I love)...but's cold out there folks!! So anywho, I also need to upgrade my foundation as well. As of late, I have noticed that my skin is dry, so I moisturize really well only to put my stick foundation right on top. Not good ladies, because the stick contains silica, which just sucks all the moisture out that I just generously applied. Then after about an hour or so of wear, I am shiny. I don't mean a dewy shine, I mean a vaseline like shine. My skin is totally going in overdrive trying to produce more moisture to compensate for what is being suck up by my foundation. I finally tried Clinique's SuperMoisture Makeup in Chestnut. I love it. It stands up to the un-yielding winds, leaving my skin moisturized but not greasy. Perfect for those with normal to dry skin, looking for minimal coverage! It feels sooooo good!! I am actually very surprised with this line. I have never been a fan of Clinique, but lately it has been throwing me curve balls. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who has ance prone skin (although oil is not the number one cause of acne). But 'tis is the season to evaluate the type of skin that you have.

I also had to change my cleanser. I was using Bobbi Brown Lathering Tube Soap to remove makeup at night. I need something that will moisturize as well remove makeup. My favorite "how did I ever live without you" product is Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. This is a dream come true at night when it is time to remove the makeup.It removes the makeup without stripping your skin of moisture, even leaving a nice cushy feel. I even get excited to cleanse my skin.

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