Monday, December 17, 2007

Celebrity Beauty Inspiration : Gabrielle Union

Yeah, it's been about 2 weeks since I did this type of post. But looking at the cover of the new(well old) Essence Magazine just has me in awe of the gorgeous Ms. Union. She always looks fresh! This Nebraska native continues to represent African American beauty very well. I love the red lip (above). To steal Gabrielle's style:

1. Don't be afraid to wear color. She can always be seen working a bold red lip or a green smokey eye.

2. Glowing Skin. I think everyone in Hollywood makes their skincare a priority. She always has such a nice glow.

3. Natural Blush and Bronzer. Blush and bronzer duo help to give her that extra definition to bring out those gorgeous cheekbones.

4. Liner. Gabrielle loves a smokey eye. It isn't an over the top smokey eye. This effect is mainly achieve by liner, because of the shape of her eye.

5. Concealer. Just, because she has gorgeous skin doesn't mean that she doesn't have areas that couldn't use an extra highlight. In one of the looks below, she is wearing concealer 2 shades lighter to give open her eyes.


Anonymous said...

i am like two shades darker than gabrielle union and under my eyes i have black spots so when i try the smokey eye look it dosent come out like that it jus looks like i got puch in the eye because of my shade

Anonymous said...

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