Monday, December 3, 2007

Say Cheese!!!

I know that it has been awhile. Between school,my job (I need a new one), and photoshoots I haven't had anytime to update you. With my graduation approaching faster than I have time to breathe, I wanted to talk about makeup for the milestone photographs (you know highschool graduation, college graduation, wedding, etc). Okay, so go take out a recently taken professional photograph of yourself...go ahead, I'll wait. Evaluate it and point out something that you would like to change. Are your dark circles showing, brows groomed, skin look healthy? Basically, do you feel like you could have looked better? These photographs are historical documentations of you. You should look and feel your best on this day. Feeling your best will be acheived when you look your best.

I recently did an application on someone who is graduating this month (congrats Tashira). I kept the application very light, but enough so that her skin would look its best. This was made possible by using : Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Foundation in Espresso (I diluted with water), MAC Brown Down shadow (brows), MAC Bronze shadow mixed with MAC Goldstroke pigment (my new favorite color!!), MAC #33 Lash, Bobbi Brown Blush in Plum, and a pink semi-glossy lip!!
You don't want to over do it!! The photo should still look like you...only prettier and more confident!!

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