Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Big Apple

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Don't you just love the feeling after a good workout? You look good and feel great. I love it when I look in the mirror afterwards, and I have this cute little glow on my cheeks. There is a way to look like this always with a little hint of blush added to the apple of the cheek. Just smile and take a blush brush and pop it on. It literally takes 5 seconds. Blush is a way to give your skin a quick little glow and uplift. Just take a look at Kiya(right). She looks like she just stepped off a trendmill in a pretty, polished sort of way. I posted these photos up just so you can see, when applied correctly the difference blush can make.

I have seen women walking around with red faces from blush being applied incorrectly. Blush should be applied on the apple of the cheek. To find the apple of your cheek, just smile and the protruding area is your apple. Once you locate your apple, take the blush brush and lightly dip it into the blush. Next, starting at the apple apply the blush in a backward (toward your hairline), downward motion. This will ensure that your blush looks the most natural. My favorite formulation of blush is cream blush. Most women look at the consistency of cream blush and cringe. It looks goopy!!! Cream blush is the most natural looking blush. It gives a glow that seems to come from within and can double as lipcolor. It works wonders on dry skin, but can be used on oily girls too (especially in the winter when oily girls seem to get a bit drier). Apply cream blush with fingers or a brush in the same manner as powder blush, just be sure to work the product into the skin. The result should be a glow that seems to come from the inside!! Above is a picture of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Velvet Plum (this color looks lovely on darker skin tones) and Cargo Powder blush in Coral Beach (this imparts a pretty peachy glow). L'oreal HIP also makes an excellent cream blush that dries down to a powdery finish in a variety of colors that won't break the bank. Check your local drugstore or Target.

Color selection is based solely on personal preference. I believe almost anyone can wear any color. It just depends on application. If you want to wear NARS Exhibit A (which I do from time to time), go ahead!!! Just make sure you use a blush brush (not the brush that comes in the packaging...invest in a brush blush) to lightly apply until the desired color is obtained. Don't be afraid to try a color on if it looks to bright in the packaging. It is important to remember that once the product goes on, it will go on diffused and will not look nearly as bright on you. Never judge a Blush by its color. Sometimes when I am in the market for a new blush and I want a little help picking one out, I will ask the beauty advisor. I do not like it when the first thing they pick up is a color in the plum family. As a woman of color with darker skin, we always get thrown into the plum box. They look wonderful on, but don't be afraid to try bright colors as well. The only exception to this rule is if you want to cover redness on the cheek area. To apply a red toned or pinky blush would just make the redness more obvious. Instead opt for a bronzer. Blush goes on smoother, more intense, and last longer if there is some type of foundation, tinted moisturizer, or primer applied underneath. Well, tomorrow is Friday and that means I will be spending a couple of hours in Sephora and at various beauty counters testing new products. I can't wait!!!

Remember*** Blush is about application technique...not so much color!!!
I also wanted to wish Rhonda and very happy Geburtstag!!!!

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