Monday, September 17, 2007

Paint the Town Red!!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I sure did!!! The Runway Africa show was on fire!!! The makeup was on point, the models were stunning, and the designers just put the icing on the cake. The makeup followed trend. Fresh, nude, pretty faces, and of course the always sexy smokey eye with a bold lip. The last scene was very tribal. The models came out with tribal markings. It was incredible!! Don't worry if you missed it....I will be posting pictures on Wednesday. By the end of the show, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs...."I AM AFRICAN!!!"

I got a chance to sneak backstage to observe the products that the makeup artists were using to achieve such natural looks. What did I see? The new MAC paint pots in bare study, bronze and gold shadows, strobe cream to give the skin a nice radiant glow, and MAC studio mists foundation to even out skin, but still leaving it dewy. No one was using powder!!! The makeup artist explained that the object was to keep the skin looking "fresh, like real skin."

This brings me to the next topic of discussion....eye shadow base.

How many times have you spent an extra 20 minutes doing dramtic eye shadow only to find that by the end of the day, the shadow has done a hoodini or creased ? Go's ok to raise your hand. I see it all to often. This is happening, because the oil on your eyelids have practically broken down your eyeshadow and caused it to crease. To eliminate this use a base. A base will act as a barrier against the oil. New technology in cream shadows make them an excellent choice to use as a base. Cream shadows are now long wearing and crease free!!! My favorites are the MAC paints, MAC paint pot (arrived on counter August), Bobbi Brown Cream shadow, and NARS Cream shadow. They come in a variety of colors. Using a base will also help you get a more intense color payoff. If you want to use a Jewel Blue eyeshadow, use a Jewel Blue base to get a long wearing, non-creasing, intense Jewel Blue color on your lids. Some artist like to use concealers as an eyeshadow base. I like this method only if I know the shadow will be on for a short period of time or if the person has dry eyelids. Using concealer underneath as a base for someone with oily eyelids is asking for trouble!! Chances are you have double the amount of oil on your eyelids than on your face. Concealer already contains some type of emollient, which is like adding fuel to an already burning fire. New cream shadows go on "wet" but dry down, so work fast! Apply a thin layer, because if applied to thick it can look clumpy. On those days, when you have to be to work at 8AM and you wake up at 7:30, cream shadows can be worn alone, with the quick stroke of your index finger. I love the Bobbi Brown cream shadows in Burnished, Suede, and Aqua. I also love the MAC paints (in the squeeze tube) in Graphito (perfect base for a smokey eye), Architecture, and Bamboo. NARS won the InStyle award for "Best Cream Shadow." For you gals who live out in areas where there aren't any MAC, Bobbi, Sephora, or Christian Dior can always go online.

Keep the lid on tight!!! They will dry out if not!! OK well, class dismissed. Remember to post if you have questions or want a particular topic discussed!!! Have a Beautiful Monday !!!

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