Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Lipgloss is Poppin'!!!

Swimming three times a week can really take a toll on the beauty regimen...Normally, after getting out of the pool, I slather on my Bobbi moisturizer, a little tinted moisturizer, and gloss. I'm not speaking of the overly shiny, I just ate a bucket of Popeyes gloss, but you I just licked my lips a little. They glisten.

This post is dedicated to all the gloss gals. In speaking to a few my friends, I have come to realize that their main beauty staple is gloss. Especially one particular friend, who no matter how many times we go to Target together, she always leaves with the same caramel colored gloss. To see the smile on her face, one would think that she just got the new Billy B. brush set...LOL. I can always predict which gloss she will choose....the brown one. It boggles my mind how we get so set in our beauty routine, that we actually go out to purchase a million different brands of glosses all in the same color family. I love fact it was my first obsession with makeup. Every friday when I got my allowance, I would go to the Big Bee drugstore and get a new lipgloss. I especially used to love the push up kind that covergirl came out with. Never in the same color though!! I always tried to diversify my lipgloss collection.

Gloss is a great way to try a red, bright pink, or a coral that you thought you might be too dark or light for(I hate those sayings). My favorite red gloss is the MAC lustreglass in Venetian. It gives you a hint of color...just enough so you can imagine what you would look like if you had the lipstick on. Plus it still give you the shine of a gloss. I pair it with Currant/deep red liner...I look so nice and 50's but with a modern glossy finish!! I usually reserve the red lip for special occasions, like the Red Carpet, Dates, etc. Now on a day that I'm feeling girlie, I love hot pinks!!! Makeup Forever has this nice hot pink in Candy Rose that gives medium color payoff, but not overwhelming. I love hot pinks and coral in the summertime!! It's goes with the weather. I swear Christian Dior has the longest lasting gloss that I have ever tried!! I can go for hours and not touch up!

Gloss is an excellent way for you to step a couple of feet outside of your comfort zone when it comes to color. Never go by how the gloss looks inside the tube. Once it goes on your lips the color becomes more diffused. Using a darker or lighter liner will also change the color. I almost always mix atleast two different colors to get that perfect color. So...don't limit yourself when it comes to picking formulations or colors...and always remember to exfoliate lips before applying gloss. Try to have a variety of colors!!!! Play around and have fun!! The Drug store is always a good place to start. Loreal HIP and Revlon make awesome gloss for only $7.

Try These Out:
1. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Raspberry

2. Bobbi Brown in Bright Pink

3. Stila Lip Polish in Glaze

4. Cargo Lip Duo in Bora Bora

5. Nars Lipstain Gloss in Indian Red

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