Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Accidental Find

Yesterday, I am doing a quick little stroll through Sephora (as usual) just to try freshen up my makeup (i'm ghetto, I know....but doesn't everyone do it??). I am looking for a cute gloss to update my lips, so I head over to Smashbox to try out this lipgloss that has been voted in Allure as one of the best. Try it. Hate it. Well not hate it, but not impressed. I was looking for that something goes on nice and creamy, but not overly glossy. No disrespect to the lipgloss gals out there, but sometimes I like to look a bit more PG-17. Patent leather shiny lips just does not go with everything.

Back to the story... so I stumble upon Laura Mercier's new lip stain that I have been reading rave reviews about. I thought I knew the Sephora in Pentagon City like the back of my hand. I was not even aware that Laura Mercier was there!! There they were, sitting, looking pretty as if they were waiting on my arrival. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the pot-like packaging, because I don't like to dip my fingers into lip products (of course I used a lipgloss wand at the store...but it doesn't come with one). But then I thought...What the hell? It's all in the name of beauty. Now, I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon of a new product just because everyone else likes it, but when I tell you I LOVE this product, I really mean it. Being in the mood for a nude lip, I tried on Mocha (a rich chocolate brown) then put a little Peach Glaze (nude peach) in the center. The application was so easy. There was a glide on the lips like a gloss, but not the shine of a gloss. I didn't need a liner (although with some colors like the reds a liner will be necessary), and the colors looked gorgeous on me. At the end of my day, the color was still present. This is something for the gloss girls that don't like lipstick and for the lipstick girls that don't like gloss. I literally feel like I stumbled upon a gold mine!!

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