Monday, October 22, 2007

HU Fashion Show ROCKS !!!!

Howard's Homecoming Fashion show was soooo on point!!! The vision for the show was genius !!!! Of course, I and two other talented young ladies provided the makeup. Micheal Knight of Project Runway and Cranberry Clothing (these girls are Howard Students) were just a few of the awesome designers. The looks for makeup were a few beauty looks and also some looks created by the great Pat Mcgrath herself from the John Galliano ready-to-wear shows from a couple years back. The beauty looks were the cat-eye trend, Brooke Shields brow, and the Fall 2007 Alexander McQueen. I loved the males who were brave enough to strut in heels, wigs, and a full face of makeup. However, the genius behind the show was not well received by a few a the amateur models. There were tears, claims of skin illness, and just down right resistance. I think one girl had the case of Naomi (or she thought she was Naomi)...don't worry no cell phones were thrown. I wonder if the real models actually do that in New York?? I doubt it, cause they wouldn't have a Anywho despite, the few amateurs present ( I honestly think that they thought the show was about them....models are clothes hangers) there were very professional models who I look forward to working with again. I have posted a couple of photos courtesy of BJones Photography.

The show also had guest appearances by the lovely Janelle Monae (she is sooo awesome....I spent the whole weekend looking for her album in stores but no luck), Camille McDonald from ANTM cycle 2 (she is soooo fabulous and sweet), and Ambreal Williams of ANTM cycle 8 (she is really down to earth).

Thanks to Michana and Adrianne for helping me !!!! You gals did a wonderful job!! I we can take over together!!!


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