Monday, October 29, 2007

Where There's Smoke.....

Ahhh, the smokey eye! It's sooo sultry, so sexy, and so dang hard to master!

I have to admit though, I love a good smokey eye. Wearing one makes me want to put on a nice pencil skirt, a pair of peep-toes, and hightail it to a smokey jazz club. It has come a long way. Now the smokey eye has evolved into greens, violets, greys, and longer just the basic black (that's sooo ten years ago! A smokey eye can be paired with a semi-glossy nude lip during the day or a deep blackened red lip for evening.

The key to a smokey eye is to concentrate the color around the eye (closer to your lashes) rather than in the crease. As you travel north on the eye, the color should gradually become lighter. It is important that you evaluate the shape of your eye before diving in liner first. If you have alot of lid space when you look straight ahead, then you are good to go. However if you have smaller eyes, then make sure not to line all the way to the inner corner of the lower lid. This will only make your eyes look smaller. The tools necessary are:

1. Base Color

We all know that this is what will prevent your shadow from creasing and
will extend its wear. Because the darkest color will be located on the lid, the base color should be somewhat dark as well.

2. Lid Color

This should be your darkest color. Concentrate this color around your eye.

3. Mid-tone/Bridge Color

This should be the color that acts as the transition color. It creates the illusion of "smokiness." For example, if your lid color was black then your mid-tone color would be gray. Mid-tone colors Blend this very well!!!

4. Highlight Color

Highlight colors do not have to be an actual shadow. The natural skin under your brow could serve as a highlight color. A shadow color that is close to the color of your natural skin is an option. I prefer this option, because it looks more modern as opposed to the extremely light highlight. Using a shadow that is lighter than your mid-tone color could also be used but is optional.

5. Pencil Liner

You absolutely must use a pencil liner. This is the most important step. The liner will go in both the upper and lower waterlines to give that extra " yes ma'ams!" to your eye. Depending on the color of your smokey eye, the liner color will vary, but it should always match your lid color.

6. Mascara

Mascara will bring back the definition to your eyelashes!!!

7. Blending Brush

The colors must gradually transition into one another for it to be a smokey eye. A blending brush is key. I love the #217 and #224 brushes by MAC and Stila also makes an awesome one.

8. Smudger Brush

This will be used in smudging the liner. A Q-tip can also be used.

Remember to evaluate your eye shape. You do not want to look like you got punched or like a racoon!!!

Below is an example of an eggplant smokey eye.

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