Thursday, October 4, 2007

So You Call Yourself An Activist??

Saturday is the annual AIDS walk/run for the DC metro area. Don't worry if you have a prior engagement, but there is a way that you can help women and children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS by participating in the MAC AIDS fund. Since 1994, the MAC AIDS fund has been in existence and has donated $95 million to the fund. There are currently 6 gorgeous shades of lipsticks with variable textures and 2 glosses that support this fund. So even if you don't wear lipstick there are 2 glosses that are beautiful as well!! There is noooo excuse. Both the gloss and lipstick sell for only $14. Of the $14 every cent goes to the MAC AIDS fund, which contributes to global organizations that provide care and services to victims. Just think of the lives that you can make better for only $14!!

Be a helping hand by helping those in need...This Weekend Shop with a purpose!!...Long Live Glamour!!!! ....VIVA GLAM!!!

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