Monday, October 15, 2007

I told you I'd be back!!!

I wanted to talk about eyeliner today. Eyeliner is an important acessory in eye makeup. It gives the eye definition. By definition I mean it can either make your eyes pop (by saying hello here I am) or it can make your eyes look smaller (if you line in the water line...that pink part next to your eyeball) . The thicker the line, the larger your eyes will look, so if you have small eyes this is something for you. If you have small eyes, "draw" a very thin line. The object is to give definition without out making them appear larger. When paired along with mascara, it will bring definition to the eye as well as thicken the lash line, giving the look of fuller lashes. It is also the single most important thing in a smokey eye. There are several types of liners out there on the market:

1. Eyeshadow. This must be done with a brush. I like to use eyeshadow when I want subtle definition. Good for lining in the water line...for those of us with really sensitive eyes.

2. Gel Liner. This must also be done with a brush. This is good for basic definition and once it dries it is water proof. I am a fan of the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Stila liner pots, and MAC fluidline.

3. Liquid Liner. This comes with a cute little felt tip for easy application. It will give you a very defined line. Great for the new cat-eye trend!! Black Opal makes a nice navy and brown. Cover girl also has a new one developed by the great Pat Mcgrath herself.

4. Pencil Liner. Well, this is the traditional liner that mostly everyone has used. These are great for smudging and to use in the water line. When lining with these, it maybe easier to hold the pencil to the side.

Tips for getting the perfect line.

1. Don't try to "draw" a straight line right across your lid. Do more of a connect the dots or go little by little.

2. For a cat-eye, it maybe better to trace the shape out in pencil and then go on top with liquid liner.

No's for Liner.

1. BLACK LINER IS NOT EVERYDAY!!! If I see one more woman walking the streets with Elvira looking eyes, I will scream. Brown, green, violet, navy are all excellent colors that can be used. That is my biggest peeve!! I will be handing out tickets for violations!!!

2. Liner does not have to be thickly drawn on to make a point.

3. Please don't only line the bottom!! This will only be acceptable if you are in an avant garde fashion show of some kind.

How-to use:

Liner can be a bit tricky for some when trying to line the top. The basic thing to get down is that you want to get a close to your lashline as possible. Do not stretch you eye!!! When you do this, you cannot see what you are doing (maybe that's why I see women on the street with those extra thick black lines?). It's best to hold your eye open, and slowly trace out your shape. If you have a smaller eyeshape, you can continue the line down under the lashes (not in the will make your eyes look small and closed). Make sure that the liner under the lashes is a bit softer than on the top for day and that the lines connect.

Have a Wonderful day!!!

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