Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Love New York ????

I don't know if you guys caught it last night, but damn it I can already tell that my Sunday nights will be filled with laughter watching I Love New York season 2. New York AKA Tiffany Patterson and her mother (Sister Patterson) are literally like two train wrecks that I just cannot turn away from. The boob job, the horrible weave (Sister Patterson's has improved to conceal that ginormous forehead), the corny guys, the hooker-like clothing and most importantly the disatrous make-up will all keep me tuned in.

I think New York is a prime example of how we don't want our make up to look (well except for maybe on Halloween). Honestly, it is only the eyeshadow and false lashes. They just over power the rest of her. I can barely see her beautiful brown contacts underneath all of it. I would really like to know who makes the final decision on the makeup- her or the makeup artist? I hope that it's her, because I'd hate to think that there is an artist out there putting lashes on someone that are ten times too large for their eyes. I can't say that everything is bad, because her look is gradually becoming softer (well compared to Season 1). The yeast infection tight clothing, bad weave, and teal-blue eyeshadow are just too much worn in combination all at the same time. Maybe if she just wore one element at a time...?
Ok...Hold your glasses up!! Here's to a... it was so funny that "I watched the re-run episode later in the week" season of I Love New York 2. I really cannot help it. I love reality TV. Besides Better Batter Maggie Moo's icecream, it is one of my guiltiest pleasures.

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